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University & College Admission

No matter your motivation, choosing the right educational institution and then navigating the enquiry/application processes can be nothing short of overwhelming. Here at Coach Education and Migration Services, we want to take the load of your shoulders and help you select from the hundreds of reputable institutions and hundreds of high quality courses that will put your career and life goals on the best possible track.

Coach Education and Migration Services works only with Australian educational universities, colleges and other career and study-focused institutions that offer:

* The best teachers with the highest Australian education levels and most advanced teaching styles
* Highly specialised courses including internationally-renowned scientific research
* Focused efforts in fostering and supporting a safe, flexible and multicultural community
* A wide variety of student support services.

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We can also help overseas students change their chosen Australian educational provider, and help with accommodation, air pick-up, appointing a friendly expert career counsellor, and more.


At Coach Education and Migration Services, we will help:

  • Select the most appropriate institution based on your preferences, background and location
  • Make applications on behalf of prospective students.

We have worked with thousands of students as they aim for and achieve their study, career and life goals - whether they are starting a new course or changing courses or institutions. We'll be with you on every step of your journey, ensuring your Australian educational experience is not just successful, but unforgettable and fun too.


Our tailored student support services include:

  • Face-to-face cooperative counselling sessions
  • All-encompassing instruction, guidance and advice that connects your background with your goals
  • Full support with the often-complex application process, involving coordination with institutions and other authorities.


No matter your situation, your background or your goals, Coach Education and Migration Services will help you get there! We understand how intimidating and confusing the higher education landscape may seem, but we'll take you by the hand in order to give you the best possible shot at the study experience and career goals you're dreaming about.

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