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Changing course? We can help!

One of the most common questions asked by international students is what they should do if they want to change courses or institutions.  The opportunity to study and settle whilst enjoying the famous Australian lifestyle is an enormous privilege, but that doesn't mean international students sometimes just don't feel right after starting a new course - particularly when in a new country at an unfamiliar institution.

* Not enjoying your new course/institution?

* Finding the course work too difficult?

* Institution not meeting your needs?

* Want to target a new study or career direction?

At Coach Education and Migration Services, we're an international student agency that really understands that while it may have been a wise choice at the time, there are plenty of reasons to want to change tack - and we'll go above and beyond to help you do just that!

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Australian authorities operate strict policies for international students changing courses or institutions, so careful advice and guidance from the deep involvement of experienced and specialised industry professionals is highly recommended.  The process may involve:

  • Liaising with the institution(s)
  • Obtaining a letter of release
  • Obtaining & lodging other documentation
  • Understanding the financial/lifestyle implications
  • Matching the new course/institution with your goals and all visa/official requirements.


At Coach Education and Migration Services, we work with international students each and every day to navigate the entirely understandable difficulties faced when aligning their lives and career goals with the studying process.  Our friendly and experienced team of highly specialised counsellors offer seamless advice, hands-on assistance with the complex processes and requirements, and access to key contacts to ensure the matter is dealt with swiftly and smoothly from start to finish.


Remember, progress is impossible without change - and it's as smooth and successful a process as possible with Coach Education and Migration Services in your corner.  Get in touch today for a free consultation.

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