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We'll help get you the student health insurance you need

As your Australian education and migration adventure begins, there truly is a lot to think about. For example, although Australia has a strong public health system, did you know that in the vast majority of cases, and almost all of the time for international students, any health care costs incurred as a result of international arrivals and visa holders being in Australia are your responsibility alone? That applies whether you're visiting a doctor, attending a hospital or obtaining any health service at all - whether public or private.

In fact, there are cases in which the Australian government won't even consider giving you a visa at all if you can't prove you have adequate private health insurance - and this is especially true in the case of international students, where cover is mandatory. Moreover, any healthcare debts you do incur during your stay could affect your visa applications in the future.

Worse still, whether it's an actual requirement of your specific visa application or not, the government expects that you will make all of your own arrangements to obtain that health insurance, which is a complex and stressful thing for prospective international students to tackle alone.

Therefore, because adequate student or short stay visitors cover is an absolute must for the entirety of your stay in Australia, here at Coach Education and Migration Services we have put a lot of time, effort and care into ensuring there is proper support for every one of our clients and students.

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With our advice, guidance and tailored services, we will ensure that every student has adequate health insurance that provides:

  • Free access to hospitals as either an inpatients or outpatient
  • Access to the Pharmaceuticals Benefits Scheme, providing greatly subsidised medicines
  • Other comprehensive services for medical assistance and treatments for the entirety of your time in Australia, including day surgery and even access to prosthetic devices
  • Optional access to extra health expenses including optometry, dentistry and physiotherapy.

Did you know that there are dozens upon dozens of health insurers in Australia, offering a combined total of almost 4,000 policies and products? With the special circumstances and difficulties faced by international students, that can be a truly overwhelming landscape to navigate.

That's why, here at Coach Education and Migration Services, we're always here for you - even when it comes to your health. We provided tailored, hands-on services, advice and guidance in successfully connecting you with exactly the sort of insurer and cover you require, ensuring not only that you're adequately covered but that you can afford to pay for it.


We can also help you:

  • Switch from one insurer or policy to another
  • Obtain more appropriate cover
  • Ensure all visa requirements are met
  • Expedite the application/approval process
  • Save money whilst maximising the benefits you require
  • Access appropriate language support for ongoing contact.


Here at Coach Education and Migration Services, we'll be with you on every step of the way during your life and career adventure in Australia, so get in touch today to ask us about our tailored health insurance services.

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