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Are you making plans for post-graduation?

Professional Year is an exciting program that provides international graduates with real-life job-preparedness. The gap between study and employment can seem impossible to bridge, but a Professional Year in Australia gives graduates from Australian higher education institutions the training and practical skills that will put their career on a fast-track to success.


Why should you consider the Professional Year Program?

Are you an international graduate in accounting, engineering and IT-related studies? You may be eligible for the PY program. Here at Coach Education and Migration Services, we passionately believe that the successful completion of your tertiary studies is not the end of the story - and our tailored, hand-in-hand support. We understand that your Australian dream is a lofty and exciting adventure that extends beyond your formal studies, which is why we want to be with you all of the way to your goal.

By completing a Professional Year course, international graduates are ready to be welcomed into their chosen Australian professional careers. It puts you a step ahead of your peers in terms of building your career and attaining permanent Australian residency.

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What is Professional Year in Australia?

Graduates from Australia's leading higher education institutions are offered the opportunity to learn the practical skills, knowledge and training that will supercharge the next steps in your international career journey. Think of it as the bridge between your studies and the sort of job you seek.

It's a program designed specifically for international students to begin and complete the relevant training that will set the stage for your career by making you job-ready.

Professional Year is:

  • 44-52 weeks of practical training, workshops and face-to-face development of industry-specific skills
  • The bridge between what you've learned and on-the-job, industry-relevant work, tasks and responsibilities
  • International students' first steps into the Australian workplace
  • Internships at Australian companies, allowing graduates to understand Australian workplace practices, tasks, expectations, communication and ethics


Are you ready to give your quest for a challenging Australian career a supercharged boost? To explore your eligibility and understand the program's full benefits and opportunities, get in touch with Coach Education and Migration Services today - we'll be with you, every step of the way.

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