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Scholarships Available:

Federation University at IIBIT Scholarship summary:

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  • FEDUNI offers 20% off Global Innovator scholarships for ONSHORE & OFFSHORE students in 2021.
  • If they meet the selection criteria, FEDUNI offers 25% off Global Excellency scholarships for ONSHORE & OFFSHORE students in 2021
  • IIBIT offers an extra 5% for ONSHORE new students enrol for the July 2021 semester.  
  • Offer acceptance and payment process for the July 2021 semester between 18 June to 25 June 2021, another extra 5% off scholarship from IIBIT for the ONSHORE students (Once only)
  • Up to 35% off scholarship for ONSHORE new student enrol for FEDUNI at IIBIT Sydney and Adelaide the July 2021 semester.


Relocation Allowance summary:

  • For students relocating from interstates to Adelaide, they are eligible for $500 relocation allowance
  • Students can deduct this relocation allowance from the first semester tuition fee (Once only)
  • This relocation allowance is for students accept the offer and process payment between 18 to 25 June 2021
  • This relocation allowance is not applicable for IIBIT internal transfer students


Additional information - Cut off dates for FEDERATION UNIVERSITY July 2021 Intake:

  • Application cut-off date: 25th June 2021 (Application with complete documents to be submitted prior to 25th June 2021)
  • GTE assessment Cut-off date: 2nd July 2021 (Additional documents as requested by Federation University to be submitted prior to 2nd July 2021
  • Acceptance and COE cut-off date: 9th July 2021 (All payments to be made prior to 9th July 2021)


Charles Sturt University Study Centre scholarship for Q3, Q4 AND Q1 22:

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-Onshore Postgraduate Students – bursary of 25% for duration of study

-Onshore Undergraduate Students – bursary of 15% for duration of study

-Offshore Postgraduate Students – bursary of 5%, 10% or 15% for duration of study (based on prior GPA results)

-Offshore Undergraduate Students – bursary of 12% for duration of study



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